Walking The Wall - The Silverline

Walking The Wall

This upbeat contemporary cracker of a song oozes insatiable country rock boasting superb harmonies and high octane lead vocals (feat. Catherine Lehnen) combining to produce their head turning signature sound! Lyrically strong and musically superb, this single paints a story about staying true to the one you love – and to stop living life on the…

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Home Sweet Homeless

Mastered in Nashville by Grammy award winner Ted Jensen, their new single. HOME SWEET HOMELESS is a raw and highly emotive next level new artistic work by The Silverline. You will be drawn into the vulnerable reality of this story and impacted by the beautifully balanced vocal work and powerful lyrics shining a beacon of…

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BOX OF WOOD - The Silverline

Box Of Wood

With their chart-topping debut single LET THE RAIN FALL rocketing to #5 Nationally and claiming the #1 position on OzCMR, the new release from The Silverline “BOX OF WOOD” is sure to get some additional “radio love”! This fantastic track boasts sublime vocal work & cracking performances embodying “the feels” only down-home Zydeco music captures.…

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Let The Rain Fall

“Let The Rain Fall” is a powerfully crafted & evocative song that delves into the real-life heartache facing Australia’s rural community. Produced at Hillbilly Hut and mastered at Sterling Studios NJ by renowned engineer Randy Merrill (who mastered “A Star is Born” soundtrack), this song will strike a chord with anyone who has walked a…

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